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Although ideally every business with an online presence, especially e-commerce businesses with on-site money transactions, would like to have a dedicated server, sometimes that’s just not in the budget. The next best thing is a VPS hosting package from a company like Smart Hosting that closely resembles having a dedicated server but at much less the cost in many cases. If you are seeking affordable web hosting for your small business, here are the top five reasons to consider choosing a VPS package.

1. Cost

Before getting into how a VPS server acts like a dedicated server, it’s good to know that VPS hosting is much less expensive. If cost is an issue – VPS wins hands down in a side by side comparison and that’s why small businesses can benefit from this type of hosting package.

2. Scalable

When first starting out you might not need a lot of resources but as your small business begins to grow as a direct result of your presence on the Web, you can easily scale up a VPS hosting package to suit your needs at the time. If, in the future, you find you’ve ‘bought’ too many resources, then just scale back down again. Another type of saving inherent in VPS hosting packages is that they are scalable.

3. Customizable

In most VPS hosting plans you can pick and choose the services you need and/or want. Typically, a dedicated server will come with all the bells and whistles, few of which can be dropped simply because you are being allocated a server that is going to be used solely by you for your business and so everything necessary needs to be there from the onset. Think of it like a setup cost you can’t get around that isn’t necessary with a VPS where you have a partition on the main server.


4. Control

Whilst shared hosting plans are typically the lowest cost, they don’t allow you the control you need to do what you want on a root level. With a VPS hosting plan, you have root access just as you would with a dedicated server, but again, at much less the cost. Any changes you need to have root access to can be made whereas with a cheaper shared hosting plan you wouldn’t have the authority to access those deeper levels.

5. Levels of Management

One of the real benefits, especially to newbies who have never built and managed a website before is the availability of a semi-managed VPS hosting package. Some of the tougher technical issues can be dealt with by your hosting company’s tech support team so you are not left on your own. This plan resembles having a dedicated server but can also be run in semi-managed mode.


These are just the top five benefits of VPS hosting for small businesses as there really are several others which could impact what type of hosting package you choose. In the end, for businesses looking to do online transactions that need that extra bit of security with a significantly lower price, VPS hosting has all the benefits you’ll need.

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