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The customer is at the heart of everything a business does, and this is one of those staples which is really worth bearing in mind. After all, as long as you are doing everything you can to keep the customer happy, you can reasonably expect your business to be doing as well as possible, and to go on to even better things. There are so many different aspects to keeping your customers happy that it is hard to go into it all, but one thing which is particularly important is that of keeping in touch with your customers. So many businesses these days fail to do this – and that means that if you do, you are bound to come out on top before too long. But how can you do this, in today’s world of technology? Fortunately, it is easier than ever – let’s take a look at some of the best ways to use technology to stay in touch with your customers.


No business these days can survive for long without focusing on developing a website, at least to some degree. Websites are becoming an absolute staple of any business, and a moment’s thought will show you why. With a website, you can effectively manage the way in which your brand is seen online – and you might be surprised at what a huge effect this in itself can have. As long as you are able to control this, you might be able to ensure that your business is seen in the best possible light for as long as possible. With any luck, this will help you massively in the long run. What’s more, it also gives you a great opportunity to keep in touch with your customers. Using your website as a kind of public face will ensure that your customers always know where to go if they want to query something, or find something out. You can use it to keep in touch with them in other ways too, such as having a request form on there or enabling them to follow your social media accounts – more on those options later.


Email was the very first function of the Internet, and over forty years later it is still one of its main ones. People use their email clients all the time, and as a business owner you should be aware of the huge opportunity that this provides you in terms of keeping in touch with your customers. Using email, you can send out newsletters and bulletins to your customers, so that you can ensure you are always in their inbox. Not only can this be genuinely helpful for the – by providing useful insights and information – it can also be great news for your marketing team. This is one of the most powerful, and most commonly used, ways to ensure that customers do not forget about you or your brand. And if they want to contact you about anything, then this ensures that they know where to find you easily and quickly.


More and more businesses are developing apps with which they can contact their customers or keep them up to date with various pieces of information and so on. At other times, these apps can also be used to provide some kind of a service to those customers, therefore acting doubly as useful. If you are thinking of going down this route, then there are many things to take on board. You might want to consider that it is essential to ensure that the app is as free of errors as possible. To achieve this, pay close attention during the development process so that you can spot any errors which might appear. Using a Stackify logging service will ensure that you can spot and log any errors you come across, so that you don’t miss any out. Develop a strong app for your customers to use, and you will find that they find it much easier to keep in contact with you.

Social Media

Earlier we briefly discussed how social media might be used to keep in contact with customers. This is true, and it is worth bearing in mind if you want your business to be as customer-friendly as possible. Setting up social media accounts and keeping in touch with customers this way is a great way of promoting a certain feel about your brand which customers can pick up on. This is likely to make a huge difference ongoing in terms of your customer relations, so it is definitely worthwhile.

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