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Not too long ago, when people thought of marketing, they couldn’t see past deciding on the colour of the business pens or the font on the business cards. In a word, marketing used to be left to the business secretary of the office manager. It used to come as an afterthought. However, the digital revolution has been blowing a wind of renewal into the marketing mindset. It’s evolved from being an irrelevant project that you’d leave to a lesser qualified member of the staff to becoming an important part of a business success. Over the past three decades, marketing has moved from being an extra on a CV to having a department of its own with a very specific skill set. In fact, marketing has now become one of the trendiest careers for the Millennials generation. And it’s easy to understand why: It offers a variety of career paths suited for different skill sets and personalities.

The basics: What is marketing?

But let’s get the basics right. Everybody talks about marketing, yet we never take the time to stop and explain what it means. Marketing relates to the process of bringing your products or services onto the market and educating potential customers about their benefits. However the key is to find a way that can convey your message efficiently and with respect to the customers. From capturing the attention of potential buyers to facilitating the purchase decision and providing customers with a simple action, the range for a professional career is vast.

Marketing career for communication experts

If you are a people’s person who loves to interact and engage with others, then marketing offers great communication careers. With a master of science in integrated marketing communications you can discover the principle of customers interactivity and their participation in the digital age. A key factor of a successful communication strategy is to tell the right story at the right time, but also be able to react to your customers’ feedback and queries. This career path focuses on your ability to create emotional connections for the promotion of a brand or product.

Marketing career for creative experts

A creative career doesn’t always imply painting landscapes or designing clothes. If you’ve got an eye for details and an instinct of how to wow users, then web design can offer plenty of satisfying projects from the design of a successful eCommerce website to the creation of interactive landing pages that boost conversions. The web designer brings functionality and aesthetics together.

Marketing career for analysis and strategy experts

How about the kind of persons that you’d expect to see in the Big Bang Theory, incredibly geeky to the point of turning into nerds? They can put their analytical skills to the service of the marketing field to help businesses keep their data on track and make informed decisions. Analyzing data enables the communication and creative experts to design a new brand messaging and reach their target audience.

A marketing career can be suited for a variety of individuals. Whether you’re a people’s person, a creative expert or a solid analyst, there is a role that needs your skill set. However, whichever specialist skills you bring to the field, marketing is the addition of all those skills to provide customers with the best possible interaction. The marketer is only one piece in a giant collaborative machine.

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