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Whether you’re a business owner or a technology enthusiast, the internet is ever-changing and there are new ways of making life more convenient every day. When you keep up with the advances in technology, it can be both exciting and terrifying. For example, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that he had to take his A.I robots offline because they created their own language and were conversing with each other using it. Exciting or terrifying? Here are four things you can now do online that we would have never thought possible a few years ago.

Facial Recognition

For many businesses and their clients, the inconvenience of having to wait to receive identification documents, scan and print them is something that holds the process of making money up. However, with facial recognition, that problem is resolved. Now, all clients need to do is download an app on their phone, hold the screen directly in front of their face and the app can send it to the company that requires it. Facial recognition is also said to be the next up and coming tool for business advertising.

Online Contracts

Remember the days when you had to travel to a solicitor’s office to sign on the dotted line (many times) before becoming the official owner of a property? Well, those days are gone. Now, you don’t even have to do business with a local conveyancer to own your property. The whole process can be done online with business software that allows clients to sign any documents and agreements entirely over the internet. In fact, many businesses that require documents from clients are now using online programs and avoiding the hassle of traditional post.

Virtual PO Boxes

Having a PO Box address can be handy if you’re travelling or don’t have a permanent place of residence. It used to be that you’d need a bricks and mortar PO Box address but you can now get yourself a virtual one instead. So, if you needed a PO Box, all you’d have to do is register online and your post would be sent to your registered address. The business holding your address would upload your posted mail online so you wouldn’t have to wait to collect it in person before seeing it.

The Cloud

If you’re not using the cloud yet, you should be. What is this mysterious tool everyone keeps talking about? Well, in a nutshell, the cloud offers you a unique form of storage. If you’re tired of running out of storage on your smartphone or you don’t want to upload every picture and video you have to social media, the cloud offers you a solution. You can store everything there, from business documents and proposals to your own personal thoughts and goals. You can even transfer your calls via the cloud and store music or find directions to your destination. There isn’t much you can’t use it for.

There are so many wonderful ways to use the internet, and soon enough there will be so many more. Keep your eyes peeled!

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