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I am always asked how to SEND AS another email address in Gmail and every time I do it, I forget how I did it the last time. I decided to write a quick how-to blog so I’ll never have to figure it out again, unless Google changes their software again. ?


Why would you want to send as another email?

So you have a gmail address (ie. and now you’ve bought a swanky new domain (naturally). So now you want to continue using your gmail, while using your new email address The first and easy part is getting your email management program to forward, but now when you send from your gmail it reads sends as, not very slick. Use the below tutorial to send emails FROM

Ready to get started?

First you will have to set up a forwarding address to your gmail. This may have to be set up by your system administrator. (Ie. Forward to Once that is done, now you’re ready configure your Gmail.

Step by Step Screenshots

Login to your email at

Click on the settings icon in the top right hand corner

Choose “Settings”

Click the “Accounts” tab

Click “Add another email address you own”

Enter your Name and the alias email address you want to use

(ie. You can leave “Treat as an alias” checked.

Click “Next Step”

Enter in, your username and password as shown below.

Note: Your username is your full Gmail address (ie.

Click “Add Account”

Check your email for the verification code.

Click the provided link OR copy the verification code and input into the interface as shown below.

You’re done!

You can also select this email as your default from the Accounts tab if you like (see above) or you can select it from the drop down that you will see now when you Compose a message. Go click “Compose” now and see if it worked.

Written by Joel Weinmaster

Joel is an entrepreneur and digital strategist that started his first internet business out of his parent’s basement. The website was the first nightlife community that quickly caught fire as one of the first social media networks in North America. The brand,, had huge success after launching their social community in 2001; two full years before the launch of Facebook that had similar features. Their unique platform coupled nightclubs and online dating, and quickly expanded to 12 major cities in North America until being acquired in 2012. Joel currently is the lead strategist and President of Masterhouse Media, an innovative digital consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC.