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As we’re delving deeper and deeper into the future, we’re delving deeper into an age of technology and other amazing digital inventions. If you go back to as early as twenty years ago, you’ll see that it’s absolutely nothing like it is now. It’s only one generation prior, but it’s like we’re living in an entirely new age. People act differently. The service industry is completely different. The inventions are borderline fantasy and fiction.

Cars are just another aspect of this crazy new world we’re in. Sure, they seem completely normal now, but that’s only because we’re used to them at this stage. The way they perform and the gadgets inside them are amazing, though. They’re not just big pieces of metal that travel at fast speeds anymore – they harbour so much more equipment and data – from things like small, convenient aspects to full-blown telematics systems. If you’re looking for a telematics definition, then you can find all kinds of info about them online. They’re basically features of a car that provide insight and analytics regarding things like performance.

How advanced are the newer cars, though? How specifically are they refined and upgraded? Well, the details would take all day, and they’d need to be taught by a specialist. We can go through a few points simply, however. Here are a few ways technology has made motors that much more special.

High Tech Cameras Can Be Installed

Cameras can be added to the front and back of any car these days. They’re, of course, installed in order to protect the owner from any issues that may arise. If they get into a little scuffle on the road after a bump, then the camera can capture any evidence. The camera will obviously record the initial incident, too, and that will be handy should any legal challenges be filed. Cameras can also catch criminals looking to damage or steal a car.

Emergency Services Can Be Contacted

Yes, you have a phone on your person, but sometimes that thing won’t work – it’s not a perfect device, after all. If you get into any trouble, then you can press a little button on some cars’ telematics system, and it’ll contact the appropriate place(s). They’ll know exactly where you’re located due to satellite navigation.

The Performance Can Be Analysed

Yes, just like in professional garages and in video games, your car’s performance can be measured. The data gets sent to third party teams online, and they’ll be able to relay information back to you about what’s up. It’s a strange thought, but one that works handsomely.

The Performance Can Be Manipulated

Yes, that’s right. From miles and miles away, a car can be slowly brought to a halt by people operating the internal system. It’s crazy to think – but it’s true for many cars. Let’s say, for example, that a certain car is being chased by the police and is in need of apprehension. A group that is watching over the car can play around with it and manipulate the workings. Crazy, really.