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The main issue most brands wish to avoid is not being taken seriously. All that effort in marketing, promotion, presence, copywriting, product development, team structuring, funding allocation and securing future investments can all be veered off course by having your presence dismissed in the minds of your potential target audience. In the world of social media, this kind of problem can spread through the public perception of your firm as if fire in a dry wooded forest.

No, you wish for your brand to be taken seriously. Even if your brand enjoys comedic marketing, or perhaps a light and alternate take on the expected trappings of the industry you’re working in. Thankfully, a little foresight, dedication, and hard work can go a long way in helping you here. Of course, this might not be your method works from industry to industry. Perhaps your advertising brand utilized humor to its great marketing advantage, but your medical startup should likely keep humor at arms length. With the following advice, we hope to illustrate and help you with this further, lending your business more gravity.

Consider It’s Originality

Perhaps one of the easiest methods of having your brand dismissed is for it to look like a knock-off of another brand, or perhaps even if you look professional, look as if you had taken strong inspiration from another firm. This can not only dilute the impact that your brand has, but can also influence public perception surrounding your product. For this idea, we should use an example. Consider Coca-Cola. It’s a very recognizable brand, both in its color schemes and logo design, and that’s before we even get to the product. Now let’s say you wish to launch your own cola brand. Choosing red and white colors for your design and paying for an emotional Christmas television advertisement each year will likely come across as some form of heavy inspiration at least, and something their lawyers should look into at the worst. This is of course an extreme example to illustrate the end result of this issue, but you should consider your originality to ensure this direction is avoided from the beginning.

Ensure Brand Presence

If you can only be found in the Yellow Pages, you’re likely going to lose out on plenty of business. While your startup or small business might not have the budget to warrant a long-form and 360 degree branding platform from the beginning, you can go a fair distance without spending a penny. Using the best free website builder to orchestrate your online presence, opening free social media accounts and simply tooling around with your own graphic design can help you at least get your foot in the door. This can help you familiarize yourself with your online audience and direct customers to those informational hubs.

Engage In Effective PR

Public relations is essential even for the most celebrated and well-loved firm. This is because even those firms, that perhaps have enjoyed decades of success, know that effective PR can help stem the tides of public opinion, which can change at any moment. It doesn’t take much time for online commentary to run rampant, both in favor and against your brand. Consider your public communication, be present, and reflect on why the tides have shifted, and you’ll have a competent understanding of how this should be handled.

With these tips, you’re sure to have your brand taken seriously.

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